Ronnie says goodbye to her baby

Kat struggles with her devastation on the morning of the baby’s funeral and is still in bed, hiding from the world. Alfie returns from visiting the baby’s final resting place before the funeral and tries to coax her out of the room. Meanwhile, Ronnie is watching the funeral party gathering in the Square. Ronnie locks herself in her room and pulls on her black dress.

Kat emerges from the Vic, surrounded by friends and family. Ronnie slips out of the house alone. At the church, Alfie supports Kat as she is overcome by emotion. After a moving ceremony, the funeral party head to the cemetery for the burial. A grief-stricken Ronnie watches from a distance as Kat breaks down at the graveside. Ronnie returns home and looks at the baby. She grimly picks him up and heads to the pub. A confused Jack wants to know what’s going on. Ronnie bursts into the pub, mumbles an apology to Kat and hands her the baby. Kat looks at Ronnie with confusion….

Carol tells Connor that they should break off their relationship with immediate effect now that Tiff has seen them kissing. Later, Tiffany is spending time with Bianca. Tiff is moody when Carol enters the room, but Carol shrugs it off.

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