Ronnie seduces Joel!

Ronnie confesses to Roxy that Joel knows nothing about Danielle’s death and she tells Ronnie that getting back with Joel is not the answer. Ronnie cancels a meeting with Joel, but when Jack goads her about her love life she arranges to see him after all. Ronnie brings Joel back to the Vic flat and they get passionate. Ronnie finds a photo of Joel in his wallet with what is obviously his wife and kids, but decides to ignore it.

Ricky finds his lost speed-dating card in the Vic bins. The first name is Bianca’s but the second name is smudged although the surname starts with an ‘M’. Ricky panics that it may be Peggy or Ronnie, but they both set him straight. Ricky realises that it’s Roxy and Bianca is shocked when Ricky tells her that they’re going on a date!

Charlie learns that Brenda is moving abroad. Brenda confesses she’s been planning the move to Madeira with her brother’s family for months, but didn’t have the heart to tell him. Brenda hints that Charlie should come with her. Charlie clicks after Brenda gets on the bus and he jumps out, but is knocked to the ground…

Also, Ryan steals from the cafe.

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