Roxy is stunned by Ronnie‘s callous advice that she should abort her baby, but she realises that her predicament has brought up painful memories for Ronnie. Roxy tells Ronnie to explain to a confused Peggy and Ronnie blurts out that she had a baby when she was a girl and had to give it away. An apologetic Ronnie tells Roxy she wants her to keep the baby and she will help her out.

and Heather are locked in the same cell to sober up. Shirley asks for her one phone call – and calls Phil, not Vinnie. Heather admits to Shirley that she doesn�t think her marriage is going to work, and she realises that Shirley doesn’t love Vinnie. Heather advises Shirley to be kinder to Vinnie, while Shirley tells Heather to stand up to the bullies.

Shabnam has a showdown with Zainab, who is angry that she was flaunting herself in the club. Shabnam comes clean to Zainab and tells her that she can’t be the chaste traditional girl that Zainab wants her to be. Shabnam is stunned when Zainab makes a confession about her own rebellion when she was young, that split her from her family,

Also, Dot and Tanya bond over living without a man.

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