Ronnie is in shock as Lola lies unconscious. Lee rushes to Lola’s side and brings her round. In hospital, Lola is diagnosed with concussion. Ronnie mothers Lola and is thrilled when the nurse thinks she’s Lola’s mum. Back in the Square, Charlie comforts Ronnie over the day’s traumas. When Ronnie finds Aleks has stayed over with Roxy she sees red, throwing him out. Ronnie opens up to Charlie and they end up in bed together.

Lee bolts out of the Vic when Mick pushes him for the truth. After helping Lola following the car accident, Lee returns home and finally comes clean. Mick is stunned as Lee breaks down, telling a harrowing story about what he’s been through. Mick knows it’s tough, but he advises Lee that returning to the army is his only choice. As they say goodbye, however, someone is watching them…

Bianca is taken aback when Sonia decides to spend more time with Tina rather than returning home to Martin. Sonia and Tina have a drunken night in the Vic and open up about their love lives. Later, Bianca has a go at Sonia about her behaviour, warning Tina to leave Sonia alone.