Ronnie arranges dinner with Jack. Danny and Roxy are disapproving. Ronnie and Jack end up in bed. Jack tells Ronnie he saw her ruining the flowers at Archie’s grave and is worried she’s making herself look like a suspect and Ronnie storms out, angered by Jack’s insinuations. Jack follows Ronnie home and insists he’s just looking out for her. Ronnie asks Jack if he trusts her and he asks her the same question and she says she trusts him. Later, Danny points out to Ronnie that Jack is talking to Marsden and she feels betrayed.

Bianca is dismayed by Ian’s estimate for the wedding catering. Liam laughs when Bianca tries on her wedding dress, but Bianca says she can’t afford anything better. Bianca is upset to get a letter from David saying he won’t be at the wedding. Enclosed in the letter is a cheque for £10,000, but Bianca screws up the cheque in disgust and bins it.

Stacey and Becca are having no luck trying to get a job. Becca suggests the obvious option is to run a stall in the market. Stacey points out that the market inspector hates her after the trouble over her old stall.

Also, Amira tells Danny that their kiss was a mistake.