Owen offers to do a few odd jobs at the Vic and ends up covered in beer after an altercation with Denise while trying to fix a beer pump. Ronnie gives Owen one of Phil’s shirts to wear and they get talking. Owen is sympathetic when Ronnie talks about losing Danielle. Ronnie tells Owen she doesn’t want to be alone and she leads him to the bedroom, assuring him that she has protection…

Peggy organises a happy hour at the Vic and is pleased with the turnout. Archie comes into the Vic and Peggy furiously throws him out. Later, Peggy leaves Tracey in charge and sneaks over to Archie’s. Peggy comments she made a good show of throwing him out and they kiss before Archie leads her upstairs.

Ian is sad when Christian confesses that Jane hasn’t asked about him. Ian takes Christian to the pub after arranging to meet Masood. Christian and Masood have to take Ian home when he gets drunk and aggressive. Lucy sees the state her dad is in and worries that he’s having a breakdown.

Also, Max is alarmed by Peggy’s huge insurance claim for the Vic; Jordan and Abi plan to sponsor a tree dedicated to Trina; Jay feels guilty about mugging Lucy.

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