Roxy sees her plans on the day of Amy’s christening fall apart when Peggy is delayed abroad, Phil is passed out drunk and Ronnie criticises some of the arrangements. When Christian turns up late it’s the last straw and she grabs Amy and storms off to the church alone.

Roxy is waiting in the church for her friends and family to turn up for the service. Jack and Christian arrive, but the Mitchell family are a no-show. Ronnie finally arrives, but she stumbles in drunk and a devastated Roxy rushes outside. Jack follows and when he tries to comfort her she moves in for a kiss – just as Ronnie opens the door…

Tanya wakes to noises of an intruder in the house and she’s fuming when she discovers birthday boy Max pouring a glass of champagne. Max wants Tanya and the kids to spend the day with him and in desperation to get rid of him Tanya lies that she’s got a date. Tanya doesn’t know what to do about her lie and Jane suggests she ask out Al Jenkins. A flustered Tanya tries to ask out Al, but fluffs her words.

Also, Syed’s horrified when he discovers that Zainab has invited Amira for lunch.