Ronnie wants to find the perfect wedding dress, but Glenda is intent on interfering. Ronnie finds Glenda in the dress she wore to marry Archie and is repulsed when Glenda says she wants Ronnie to wear it so that Jack will look at her in the same way that Archie looked at her. Ronnie holds in her feelings, but she gets a shock when she hears Archie’s voice. Glenda and Roxy are watching old home movies. Jack finds a shaken Ronnie sobbing in their bedroom with ripped up bridal magazines scattered around her.

Tamwar is upset that his parents are still refusing to acknowledge Syed and he tries to encourage Zainab to visit him. Zainab gives Tamwar Syed’s clothes to take to the charity shop. Masood is insistent that Syed is no longer their son, but Zainab is clearly struggling without Syed. Zainab sees Syed with Christian and they share a loaded glance.

Shirley discovers Phil is avoiding visiting Ben and she tells Peggy. Peggy realises that Phil is terrified of seeing his son in prison. Peggy visits Ben and is pleased when Phil turns up. Ben claims he’s made a friend and they are relieved, but after they leave Ben’s ‘friend’ threatens him.

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