Ronnie takes revenge on Sean

Roxy offers an olive branch to a hurt Ronnie for excluding her from the scan but Ronnie knocks her back. Ronnie’s day gets even worse when she sees Jack with Tanya and she gets steaming drunk at the club and loses her precious locket. When Sean winds her up, a vengeful Ronnie steals confiscated drugs from the club’s office and plants them in Sean’s coat.

Dawn is angry with Jase and demands to know where the money came from but Jase’s lips are sealed. Dawn can’t resist the thought of all that cash and she does a u-turn and tells him she’s happy to share in it after all. Dawn asks Ian if she and Jase can rent his new flat and pays him two months rent up front.

Charlie gets a spray tan in preparation for his date with Brenda but ends up looking orange! Billy manages to flog Charlie a box of bananas from the stall but Charlie doesn’t realise that a rather nasty tropical spider is lurking in the box. Charlie takes the box home and the spider crawls down his shirtfront. Charlie collapses when he realises he’s been bitten…

Also, Ben is unimpressed when Phil suggests he does a sports summer camp at the community centre.

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