Ronnie tells Joel about Danielle

Roxy gives Joel a frosty reception when they bump into each other on the landing in the morning and she later demands to know from Ronnie why she’s happy to split up a family. Roxy stirs by mentioning Danielle in front of Joel and he’s confused. Ronnie is forced to reveal that ‘Amy’ lived and came to find her, but was run over and killed and Joel is understanding.

Christian is grateful when Syed brings him some groceries. Christian reveals that the police have caught the man who attacked him and Syed suggests Christian return to work, but he’s reluctant. Syed has forgotten to buy sugar, but Syed thinks Christian should go to the shop himself and he promises Christian he’ll spend the night with him as a reward.

Zainab takes Tamwar to school to pick up his A-Level results and they bump into Denise and Libby. Tamwar and Libby announce that they’ve got the results they need, but Tamwar looks unsettled. The Masoods take Tamwar to Fargo’s to celebrate and are seated next to Libby and her family, the rivalry now gone. Zainab tells Masood that she’s sad the last of their children is leaving home.

Also, Jim returns to the Square.