Ronnie tries to get one over on Archie

Ronnie meets up with Roxy and suggests that they pool their resources and move into a flat together with Sean. Ronnie gloats to Archie that she’ll be living with Roxy and the baby. But Archie isn’t about to be trumped by Ronnie and he gets Roxy and Sean to move into the Vic to save money. Ronnie is defeated and she furiously confronts Archie before leaving for Ibiza for a while.

Bianca is worried about Wellard, but she’s busy at the cafe and asks Ricky to look after the dog and the children. Whitney finds an obviously seriously ill Wellard and calls Bianca, who skips work to take him to the vets. Bianca is horrified when the vet suggests that he is put down and she takes him home instead. Bianca reluctantly calls the vet when it’s clear that Wellard is dying and she and Ricky and the kids say an emotional farewell to their faithful friend.

Denise is upset when Libby vetoes the idea of going to Oxford University, despite her brilliant exam grades, so that she can go to university in London and stay in Walford. Denise tells Libby that only the best is good enough for her and encourages her to apply to Oxford.