Ronnie tries to put Dean out of business

Ronnie puts pay to her efforts to win over Dean when she learns Dean and Roxy are planning to move out of London. Seemingly agreeing to look into buying Roxy out of the house, Ronnie hides her real plans. Giving Billy the keys to Blades, Ronnie tells him they’re going to put Dean out of business so Roxy can’t leave the Square…

Tamwar encourages Masood to stand his ground with Zainab. Calling Zainab, Masood tells her he wants Kamil to stay in the Square. Meanwhile, Carmel is on a high after some input into Kush’s stall proves to be a big success. Later bumping into Masood, Carmel is awkward when he invites her for a drink, although she agrees to go as a friend.

Mick makes plans to let Shirley spend time with Ollie while Linda is away from the Square. Asking Elaine to take charge of the pub, Mick’s plans are scuppered when Elaine falls out with both Whitney and Nancy. Angry that Mick has cancelled their meet up, Shirley tells her son she’s had enough of hiding the fact they’re seeing each other.

Also, Kim agrees to let Vincent be a dad to Pearl again.