Ronnie uncovers Roxy’s lies about Dean

Vincent is rattled after he gives Buster the money he asked for, when Buster ominously tells him to be wary of the Mitchells. Nervous over Buster knowing about him and Ronnie, Vincent visits Ronnie to ask her if she’s said anything. Realising that someone was watching them, Ronnie confronts Roxy to find out if she had Dean in the house. Although Roxy insists things are over between her and Dean, Ronnie recognises the top Roxy is wearing as the one she saw Dean buy in the market earlier!

Ian tries to rally the family following Cora’s shock admission about Max and Abi, rattled to realise that Liam now knows the truth about Bobby. When Keeble turns up to take Abi’s statement, Liam attempts to tell her the truth, but is stopped by Cindy. Ian takes Cindy and Liam aside, begging them not to say anything about Bobby. After talking things through with Cindy, Ian offers Liam a one-way ticket to Devon with Cindy.

Les continues to struggle without Pam, feeling his life is falling apart. Wracked with guilt about the state his granddad is in, Paul visits, with the pair opening up about their feelings.