Ronnie watches DCI Marsden arrive in the Square. She finds Roxy and asks for Roxy’s help to find Archie’s killer. Ronnie accuses Janine of killing Archie when Janine claims that she’ll inherit everything because Archie didn’t have time to change his will. Meanwhile, Marsden questions Phil and later talks to Heather who accidentally reveals that Phil’s alibi for his whereabouts on Christmas Day was a lie.

Darren is desperate to talk to Libby, but Denise refuses to let him in. Libby tells Denise that she wants to find out why Darren cheated on her, and Denise and Chelsea insist on going with Libby to confront Darren. Libby and Darren go out for a walk and Libby is angry when Darren says that Libby never made time for him. Libby decides to pack her things and leave, but Darren pleads with her to stay.

Jane worries about an upset Christian. Zainab crows to Jane about Syed and Amira’s honeymoon and reveals her feeling that Amira will soon be pregnant. Jane realises that Zainab knows about Christian and Syed’s affair.

Also, Peter pushes Tamwar to invite Afia on a double date and Tamwar reveals he lied to Afia that he was a university student.

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