Ronnie vows to stop Jack’s wedding!

In the second episode of the evening, Ronnie is at her wits’ end with Phil’s drunken behaviour. Dragging Phil to the hospital, Ronnie begs the doctor to help him. As Phil continues to insist that they should let him die, a frustrated Ronnie thinks it’s hopeless. But she soon rallies, reminding Phil that the Mitchell’s never give up.

Her own words ringing in her head, Ronnie decides to get Jack back, even if he is getting married! Finding the venue of the wedding, Ronnie gets a lift with Billy in the hearse. They’re nearly at the wedding venue when the hearse breaks down. Breaking into a sprint to get to the hotel in time, Ronnie is gutted to hear the bride and groom pronounced ‘man and wife’. However, Ronnie is completely floored when she realises that Jack isn’t the man marrying Delphine!

The Hubbard and Fox families are struggling after the events of Mother’s Day. Some of the Square’s residents are forced to keep a dark secret but it’s not long before suspicion is aroused. Meanwhile, Phil turns back to the bottle, while Nancy offers an olive branch to Lee.