Roxy finds another pregnancy test in Ronnie’s belongings and realises that Ronnie is trying to trick Joel into getting her pregnant. Joel brings his daughters to the Vic and Ronnie upsets Hannah when she starts talking about losing Danielle. Roxy confronts Ronnie about the pregnancy test and insists that she tells Joel the truth.

Christian dumps James and tells Syed that he wants them to be together. Syed reminds him that he is bound by his religion. Syed visits the Imam and confesses he’s gay and the Imam agrees to keep his secret as long as Syed doesn’t bring shame on his family. Syed returns and passionately hugs Amira, who accuses him of trying to get in her knickers before the wedding. Syed visits Christian and tells him the affair is back on, but in secret, as he must marry Amira.

Denise finds a business card for DC Cunningham at Masala Queen and accuses Zainab of informing on her, but she discovers that Ian tipped off the police. Meanwhile, Lucas looks worried when Jordan is upset when he can’t find the bracelet he gave Trina in her personal effects.

Also, Stacey is furious when Ryan takes over her stall; Heather tries to find a dance partner for Patrick for a competition.

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