Ronnie wants Damian gone!

Ronnie is desperate to keep Roxy from going to Ibiza with Damian and she comes up with a plan to get the cash and keep Roxy. Ronnie flirts with Damian then pulls him down on top of her and makes out that he was trying to assault her! Peggy Roxy and Max’s recently arrived policeman brother Jack (The Bill’s Scott Maslen) witness the scene. Ronnie tells Damian that she won’t press charges as long as he transfers the money he owes them and leave Walford immediately.

Stacey panics about her missing mobile phone when Max reveals that he’s been sending her texts. Sean sees Jean with two mobiles and Jean admits that one of them must be Stacey’s. Sean takes a look at Stacey’s texts and sees some messages from ‘Jerry’ and he wonders what is going on.

Jase decides to meet up with his old gang to settle one last score with the snitch that got him imprisoned. Jay is disappointed when Jase makes secretive plans to go out and a guilty Jase decides to stay in with his son but he is worried by threatening texts from old gang mate Terry.

Also, Kevin makes a wrong assumption about Zainab’s son Syed; Dawn asks Jase on a date.

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