Ronnie wants Joel back

Ronnie gets Joel to the Vic on the pretence of having some accountancy work for him. Ronnie invites Joel to Dawn and Garry’s engagement party and he reluctantly agrees. Ryan is annoyed when Ronnie flirts with Joel at the party. Joel leaves the party and unseen by Ronnie he’s picked up by a woman who kisses him as he gets into her car…

Whitney and Lauren go to Janine’s flat with Ryan, but Ryan gets fed up with the girls and makes his escape. Whitney finds some booze and the girls get tipsy. Whitney confesses to Lauren that she misses Tony and Lauren is appalled. Whitney and Lauren go to Dawn and Garry’s engagement party. Janine is furious when she sees a drunk Whitney and Lauren are wearing her clothes.

Dot has a visit from Mr Papadopolous the laundrette owner, who hands her a mysterious present. Dot takes Dotty to the cafe after the toilet overflows in the house. Dot tells Heather that she’s called a plumber, but she seems worried about the expense. Dot decides to rent out her spare room and she puts a notice up in the Minute Mart.

Also, Mo sees something unexpected at the summerhouse; Janine puts Bianca’s name down for a speed dating night in the Vic.

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