Shirley tells Glenda to get out of the office, slaps Phil and tells him she’s heard all she needs to. Ben comes into the club with Jay and Phil furiously accuses him of ratting on him. Shirley intervenes and tells Phil they’re over before storming out. Shirley heads home and tells Heather what’s happened but says she’s going ahead with her hen party even if there’s no wedding.

Glenda has nowhere left to turn when Ronnie and Roxy reject her. Glenda tells Ian she wants five thousand pounds to keep quiet about their affair. Ian can’t raise the cash and confesses all to Jane but begs her to believe it meant nothing. A stunned Jane heads to the chip shop for her shift. Shirley confronts Glenda in the chip shop and Jane grimly leaves them to it. Glenda manages to escape Shirley with a parting shot saying she pities Shirley because she loves Phil. Shirley knows she right.

Jack tells Ronnie that with Glenda gone they can start with a clean slate. Ronnie confesses she’s not been going to her counselling sessions. Jack asks Ronnie if there’s anything else she wants to tell him but, not ready to give up her big secret just yet, she says there’s nothing.

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