Jack is furious when Roxy tells him he can’t see Amy at the moment as a fragile Ronnie can’t deal with it and he demands that Roxy sort things out. Roxy tries to tell Ronnie that Jack has had contact with Amy, but instead blurts out that Jack wants custody. A furious Ronnie confronts Jack and tells him that he has no part in Amy’s life. Roxy doesn’t know what to say when Ronnie tries to railroad her into letting her be Amy’s godmother.

Chelsea is miserable without Theo and she gives into pressure from Libby and Tanya and calls him up. Theo tells Chelsea that he knew nothing about Tommy’s real identity when he started working for him. Chelsea is flattered when Theo confesses that he thought she would snub him when he first asked her out.

Dot is worried when Nick turns up and demands to see Dotty and she’s saved by Max, who warns Nick to leave. Dot confesses to Max that she is feeling her age and is under a lot of pressure trying to care for Dotty.

Also, Ian spies an opportunity to make money out of the locals; Masood is suspicious of a secretive Zainab.