Ronnie warns Roxy off Michael

Ronnie learns that Roxy spent the night with Michael. Ronnie intercepts a voicemail from Michael on Roxy’s phone asking her on a lunch date and deletes it. Ronnie invites Roxy to lunch and asks Glenda to look after the baby. Ronnie tells Roxy not to trust Michael. Meanwhile, Kat has a change of heart about breaking up with Alfie and is gutted when she sees him apparently leaving with Michael.

Jack is frustrated working with Max and Darren at the car lot. Michael tells Jack he’s got a business proposition. Michael takes Jack to a boxing gym and suggests they go into it together. Jack is worried what Ronnie will think, but throws caution to the wind and agrees to the deal. Ronnie is upset and lies to Jack, Roxy and Glenda that Michael tried it on with her…

The Masoods prepare for Yusuf’s visit. Afia and Tamwar hide upstairs when Yusuf arrives. Masood tells Yusuf that Tamwar is a grown man and he will let Tamwar and Afia be together. Yusuf wants to speak to Tamwar man to man. Tamwar tells Yusuf that they want to be together. Afia tells her father she loves Tamwar. Yusuf thinks they should marry and make it official.