Ronnie’s back!

Alfie asks Jack to be Tommy’s godparent at the Christening, but Jack says he can’t accept. Kat and Alfie learn that Ronnie is due out on bail, but Kat is surprisingly calm. The Christening goes ahead and Kat is pleased when both Jack and Michael turn up. Kat says that now they can get on with their lives. As the day draws to a close Kat promises Alfie that nothing will come between their family again, just as Ronnie arrives back in the Square…

Mercy talks to Fatboy about Jane coming on to him. Lauren reassures Mercy that Fatboy wouldn’t be marrying her if he didn’t love her. Mercy confesses to Lauren that Fatboy is only marrying her to stop her getting deported. Lauren is shocked, but Mercy begs Lauren not to tell anyone.

Jane and Ian are having a huge row about Bobby in the chippy. They’re both so involved with the row they don’t see an upset Bobby slipping out of the door. Phil finds Bobby in the Square and returns him to the chippy. Jane is horrified that she didn’t even notice he was missing. Jane tells Phil she wishes divorce was easier. Phil says he just may be able to help her out.

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