Ronnie’s left holding the baby

Lola punishes Phil for choosing Ronnie over Billy to manage the businesses by leaving Lexi with the childminder instead of taking her to the hospital to see him. When Lexi becomes unwell, Ronnie takes the call and with Billy and Lola unreachable, a rattled Ronnie is forced to look after her. As soon as they find out, a terrified Lola and Billy rush home. Lola soon realises that Ronnie means Lexi no harm. 

Jean is miserable about losing Ollie, making Kat feel guilty about her part in it. When Ollie arrives and announces he’s going away, a devastated Jean locks herself in the bathroom. Delighted when Ollie confesses he still loves her, Jean wants to leave with him. The moment is broken by Kat, who is adamant it would be no good for Jean. Realising Kat is reluctant to lose her, Jean decides to stay.

Lauren and Abi argue about Max when Lauren insists that Max wouldn’t have cut Carl’s brakes. Abi, however, has had enough of Max’s troubles and thinks they should leave the Square to stay with Tanya. When the girls realise how much Max’s legal representation is costing, they are rattled, but Abi is still insistent they let him sort out his own mess.