Ronnie is determined to get the family onside to support Phil. Visiting Sharon, Ronnie is stunned to learn that Phil was driving the car at Christmas when Dennis was nearly killed. Still keen to bring Sharon back into the fold, Ronnie tells Sharon that she has a family that needs her, telling Sharon she wants all of the Mitchells at the hospital that afternoon. While Ronnie turns up for Phil’s appointment, she’s on her own as the family has stayed away.

Phil gets bad news when the doctor reveals he’s not eligible for the transplant list as he hasn’t stayed sober. A depressed Phil wants a drink, but Ronnie firmly tells him that he’s not going to die. Back at the Mitchells, Sharon has changed the locks to keep Phil and Ronnie out. Ronnie’s day gets even worse when Joel’s daughter Hannah turns up and accuses her of killing her parents!

Shabnam makes excuses when Martin asks her to visit Stacey with him. After telling Kush she can’t keep living a lie, Shabnam is stunned when Kush insists he wants them to move. Agreeing to talk things through, Shabnam is concerned when Kush fails to show, realising that he’s gone to the hospital to see Stacey with Martin. Telling Kush he needs to be honest as seeing Arthur is obviously killing him, Shabnam drops a bombshell… She’s leaving him.

Also, Nancy wants to quit the Vic to concentrate on her restaurant business with Tamwar.