Ronnie’s unconvinced by Roxy and Sean

Roxy and Sean are back in the Square and Roxy tells Ronnie how loved up they are but Ronnie is unconvinced. Roxy gets a surprise phone call from Peggy and hurries over to the Vic and Ronnie finds Roxy rifling through Peggy’s drawers for Peggy’s passport. Ronnie realises that Peggy is planning on staying with Archie and warns Phil that Peggy will get hurt but he insists he doesn’t care.

Bianca is chuffed when she receives a big bag of shopping from her mystery benefactor. Whitney is acting suspiciously and when Pat finds her cigarettes in Whitney’s room she warns Bianca. Bianca tells Whitney that they need to talk but Whitney is reluctant. When Bianca eventually catches hold of her she finds £5k in cash in Whitney’s bag!

Billy is concerned about cash when Honey wants Janet to go to some pricey music therapy sessions. Billy comes up with an idea to make extra cash and he sells off some cheap tropical fruit on the stall. Ian praises his initiative but Billy is horrified when Ian reveals he’s selling the stall.

Also, Charlie goes out for curry with Brenda but she’s allergic to his aftershave; Dawn and Jase struggle for money and Jase takes a mystery ‘job’.

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