Harvey realises Roo’s right, they should get divorced and takes his wedding ring off. Alf tries to talk to Harvey but realises it’s probably best for both of them. Harvey tells Roo that he has to leave and they decide to talk to Maddy and Spencer before he leaves.

Kyle begs Phoebe for forgiveness, but she doesn’t want to listen. Later, she finds a CD waiting on her doorstep. It’s a song from Kyle entitled: “The best part of me”. Phoebe is touched and the two start kissing as they head to the bedroom.

When Leah reminds Bianca about the staff meeting at lunch, she doesn’t remember but is becoming adept at covering. But she can’t stop memories from the blast coming back to her. She is overwhelmed and crashes into an empty classroom, slumping into the corner. Heath gets a phone call from Bianca and helps to calm her down.

Heath tells Ricky that she’ll always be family, but when Kyle assumes she and Nate are together Ricky storms out. Kyle apologises, but as Ricky watches Nate kayak it’s obvious she has feelings for him. Later, Nate takes Ricky out for lunch and they get hot and heavy.