Roo and Harvey want to know Spencer and Maddy’s story but don’t want to set them running again. Spencer accepts the offer of work on the boats and Harvey and Alf are impressed with his knowledge and capability but the teenager lets slip that his father is still alive. Meanwhile, Maddy confesses to Roo that she didn’t go to hospital and that they’re on the run. Later, Roo finds Maddy’s picture on a missing persons list and Harvey is all for calling the police but Roo stops him – she wants to hear their side of the story. When confronted, Maddy and Spencer reveal that they’re not brother and sister and have run away because their parents won’t let them be together.

Connie arranges to meet with Heath and she tells him she thinks he’s making a huge mistake trying to take Darcy from her. Then Heath gets a call from Child Services – his application has been rejected because of his criminal record… and he’s lost his visitation rights. Heath is distraught. Later, Connie bursts into Angelo’s searching for Heath – Darcy’s gone missing and she thinks he has her. Brax soon finds Heath but he knows nothing about it. Someone else has taken her.

Also, Natalie realises that Liam hasn’t taken Bianca’s request for a divorce well but, later, he presents his ex with the signed papers.