Roo and James go on a date

Roo is nervous about her date with James, so Marilyn gives her advice… from a magazine! When Roo and James finally sit down to dinner, things go horribly wrong and Roo is annoyed with Marilyn and Irene for their bad advice, but is more annoyed at herself for taking it. The next day, Marilyn and Irene arrange for James to hear Roo’s explanation for her strange behaviour, which ends in the pair kissing.

Josh is becoming increasingly frustrated with revision and accidently spills liquid all over his laptop, which causes it to stop working. Evelyn walks in and finds her boyfriend trying to fix the computer, wanting to reassure him that everything will be ok. However, Evelyn words fall on deaf ears and, when she leaves, Josh phones the lecturer for those magic pills.

Zac’s accepted for his loan, after meeting with a representative from the company. However, he lies to Leah and tells her he inherited the money from his Godfather.