Roo and Marilyn clash over crockery

Roo tries to build bridges between her and Indi, and puts together a care package of household items for Indi and Romeo. However, when Sid delivers the box to Indi, Marilyn also arrives to give Indi and Romeo a wedding present. Marilyn spots her teapot in the mix, and she isn’t happy at all. Sid and Roo can’t seem to get anything right.

Tegan shows up at Angelo’s to warn Brax that Jake’s gang have got wind of Heath’s impending raid, and they are planning to ambush it. Brax orders Heath to shut it down, but Heath doesn’t want to hear about it. How far will Brax go to protect his brother? Just as Heath is at a stand-off with Jake and guns are being pointed, the police arrive and bring in both gangs.

Miles and Marilyn try to persuade Alf to back off from Romeo’s business so he can stand on his own two feet. Roo also tries talking to Alf and makes him see that the real problem is that Alf feels he’s not needed any more. When Romeo comes to confront Alf about his concerns and plans for the future, Alf graciously gives Romeo the go-ahead on his own.