Roo is determined not to be Sid’s ‘other’ woman. However, after a business meeting at the Diner, Colleen starts to pry and Roo is forced to defend her suspicious relationship with Sid. Soon after, Sid gets the same treatment from Colleen who seems intent on making this her business.

Dex, meanwhile, is struggling with the fallout of his betrayal of Xavier with April. When he talks to Sid, it’s clear both men are fools for love and are quickly becoming the focus of the Summer Bay rumour mill. Sid drowns his sorrows with Elijah and Laura, worried he’s missed his chance with Roo. But once Laura conveys this message to Roo, Roo heads to Sid’s place and the pair finally embrace with a promise of things to come.

Laura and Elijah flirt with the idea of Laura staying on in Summer Bay. But both are secretly afraid the other might be alluding to marriage. When both voice their concerns they quickly realise they want the same thing – to keep things casual.

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