Marilyn interrupts Spencer and Maddy getting passionate on the sofa and discusses the matter with Harvey and Roo. They decide the young couple need a ‘talk’; Roo with Maddy and Harvey with Spencer. They’re surprised to find that the teens haven’t made love yet and, in their respective chats, give them opposing advice. As a result, when the couple are alone again Maddy is keen to progress their relationship, but Spencer backs off, leaving her confused and disheartened.

Zac suspects Natalie isn’t over Brax and asks him to back off. He, in return, tells Zac that Natalie’s the one who’s been coming to see him. Zac is shocked and accuses Natalie of being Casey’s counsellor to keep Brax in her life. After discussing the matter with Liam, Natalie tells Brax that she needs to cut all ties with his family.

April is helping Dex work on his memory but is struggling to cope with the ‘just friends’ rule. Sid notices her OCD symptoms have returned again and offers his help but April rejects it. Then she has another bad day at Uni after which Dex offers support and their conversation leads to April suggesting they get back together again. Dex, however, doesn’t think it’s a good idea, leaving April devastated.