Roo defends her dad

Roo thinks Alf should try marketing tactics to get the bait shop back on track. And she advises him to get a lawyer. Robertson accuses Alf and Will of killing Penn. Roo confronts Robertson and tells him to leave her dad alone, but he tells her she must convince Alf to confess – he’ll get a much better deal that way.

Later, Leah learns that Robertson used her comment about Will getting his job at the bait shop as his basis for the accusation that Alf and Will are Penn’s killers. She tells Robertson that they are no longer friends.

Will is a broken man. Irene says he’s not the first person to be served with divorce papers, but Will is terrified he’ll lose Lily. He begs Alf for his job back, saying he’ll work for free. He just needs to keep occupied.

Sid asks Indi and Dex how they feel about Marilyn moving in. Dex is all for it, but Indi has reservations. Dex thinks Indi is still hoping their mum will come back. Indi contemplates this and talks to Marilyn. Once she realises Marilyn is serious about Sid and would be with him whether she was dying or not, Indi’s doubts are put to rest.

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