Roo discovers Harvey wasn’t visiting Lottie. Harvey tells Roo he’s a different person now and he should have let her believe he was dead. Roo admits to Alf and Marilyn that maybe she and Harvey aren’t meant to be together.

Hannah and Zac set up a lunch for the twins to talk through Ethan’s funeral. Evelyn’s not interested and tells Oscar she’s going to hang out with Matt. When Zac arrives looking for the twins, John tells him that he’s sorry for Zac’s loss, which gets Zac thinking. Meanwhile, Evelyn tells Matt their dad died and Matt opens up about when his grandmother passed away. When Oscar arrives and tries to pick a fight with him, Matt refuses to fight him. Zac then tries to intervene and Oscar punches him in the face, telling him to stay out of their lives.

Jett learns that Irene is away and starts handing out flyers about a house party. Spencer and Sasha assume that Chris has organised the party. Later, Spencer starts to get annoyed with Phoebe crashing in his room.