Roo has it out with Laura

Roo feels awful about Bianca being attacked at the Bachelor & Spinster Ball, particularly when it’s discovered there were drugs flowing freely and none of the chaperones apparently knew. But when Roo finds out Laura actually knew, she accuses her of being irresponsible. Meanwhile Alf returns and is shocked by Roo and Sid’s relationship, which happened so quickly after the break-up with Marilyn. Alf voices his disappointment and tells Roo he can’t support what she’s done.

Xavier finds Kelly, the girl he met at the Ball, fighting with her brother, who then drives off. They spend the day together and she puts him in a good mood, despite an awkward moment with April. When Kelly’s brother comes back to take them home, Xavier is astonished by how arrogantly he treats his sister and suggests Kelly stays with him.

Bianca tries to remember what happened, but she only remembers vague shapes. Charlie suspects Heath was involved in the attack, given he was intoxicated and has a history of threatening Bianca. Later Bianca remembers a tattoo on her attacker’s back and Charlie takes Heath in for questioning. Brax is furious that Heath could be involved and demands Heath takes a DNA test to clear his name.