Roo has news for Sid

Dex has seen Sid comforting Jody and worries that his parents might be getting back together. When he realises that it was just a moment, he asks Indi to try and get along with their mother. Indi is still reluctant but for Dex’s sake, she gives it a go. A truce is forged between mother and daughter. Jody decides to leave it at that for now, but makes sure that the divorce papers are signed before she leaves.

Roo helps Alf with the mooring issue by writing an article for the local newspaper to gain public support. Colleen helps out and Alf is touched when Roo tells him how fond the community is of him and how proud that makes her. She reflects on her life and decides to break things off with Sid.

Liam opens up to Romeo about how tough things are between him and Bianca. He says he wants to help her doesn’t know how. Bianca also seems to be struggling, knowing that her fear of intimacy is creating a wall between her and Liam. He tries to assure her that this doesn’t matter, he will wait, but when Bianca tries to rekindle the intimacy she panics and can’t go through with it, pushing Liam even further away.