Roo has a health scare

Roo collapses alone in her flat

Roo moves back to the Summer Bay house and assures James that their romance is not over. She starts by introducing him to Leah and Zac – will they give Roo their approval? Later, Roo goes back to the Pier apartment to pack up some boxes, but becomes dizzy and faints. Is Roo OK?

The Morgans confront Brody about his drug use, but he refuses to admit he has a problem. Tori worries and says that Brody has a serious addiction, so Justin and Tori cancel all his personal and business accounts. When Brody finds out he has no access to his money, he ends up stealing from the Salt till. Will Brody buy more drugs?

Leah is distraught after losing the custody battle to Ash. Upset and alone, she sees Zac and, for a few moments, the pair embrace. However, Leah pulls away and tells Zac to go. Later, Leah and Roo have a heart-to-heart and Roo tells Leah she needs to take control of her life and be honest with Zac about her feelings. Will Leah take him back?