Roo is in a state of shock

Can Roo forgive Alf after his confession?

Roo is stunned and furious after Alf’s confession, but she has to push her feelings to one side in order to save Alf’s life. Meanwhile, John, Marilyn and Ryder begin to worry about Alf and Roo as they have been missing for some time. Brody and Mason offer to search for them both at the school. The Morgans eventually find them both – but will they be able to get Alf to the hospital in time?

Ash has been bailed out of prison thanks to Dean and he only has one thing on his mind – making Robbo pay the price for the hurt he has caused. Ash visits Justin at the hospital and apologises for the accident he caused. Ash then pays a visit to Tori – but will he find her with Robbo?

Tori has to leave Robbo so she can tend to Alf. Meanwhile, Brody and Mason arrive home to find Ash and Dean waiting for them. Ash and Dean want answers about Tori and Robbo but Brody orders them to get out.

Back at the hospital, Alf is in a stable condition. Roo visits him, but it’s clear that their relationship will never be the same.

Finally, Robbo remembers the name of the woman in the picture. Her name is Lauren, but what is her connection to Robbo?