Roo is pregnant!

Is Roo ready to be a mother again?

Irene tries to calm Roo down as she worries about her surprise pregnancy. Roo explains that she thought she was going through the menopause! Later, Roo goes to dinner with James and is on edge all night.

When James pours champagne into her glass, Roo panics and pours the champagne into a flower pot when James turns his back. However, it doesn’t take long before he notices the spillage and Roo comes clean. How will James react to the news that he’s going to be a dad?

Meanwhile, Kat and Ash move into their new apartment, but Kat feels overwhelmed by the amount of equipment Luc needs. Will Kat back out and tell Ash she’s not ready to be a mum to Luc?

Also, Brody is out of drugs and desperate for his next hit. He resorts to stealing money from the Salt tip jar and tries to convince his siblings he’s kicked the habit. Will Brody be given access to his credit cards and score his next drug fix?