Ricky and Brax are in a good place but Casey still won’t forgive Ricky and is still distracting himself from his pain by hanging out with Maddy. When Roo discovers that Casey is now Maddy’s trainer, she makes it clear to Maddy that she isn’t happy about their friendship. She tells Casey to remember that Maddy is vulnerable. After Roo alerts Brax to Casey’s situation, Brax seeks him out to confront him about his drinking.

Maddy and Casey’s friendship quickly escalates into flirtatious territory. Yet, when Brax and Ricky deliver some home truths to Casey, he ignores them. Later, Maddy asks to go to a nightclub with Casey, who agrees to get her in despite her being underage. When Roo discovers that Maddy is missing she goes to Brax, ordering him to help find her.

Roo and Harvey are struggling with their move to the caravan after offering their room to Sally and Pippa, while Sally tries to find buyers for the house.

April and Dex practice assertiveness techniques to help April deal with Dr Bradley’s aggression. However, Bradley’s playing hardball and won’t sign off on April’s competency papers. April decides Bradley is a bully, and she’s going to make a formal complaint.