Marilyn has moved back in with Miles and even though she’s hurting, she’s determined to move on with her life. Miles and Morag try to help by cooking her up a storm and putting on a big dinner. However, the night takes a turn for the worse when Marilyn gets drunk and insinuates that Sid cheated on her with Roo.

The following day, however, Marilyn has a revelation and decides to forget about Sid and Roo, and regain her independence by getting a job. She is starting a new hairdressing business! Meanwhile, Roo scrolls through her Hawaii photo album – clearly thinking about Sid…

Xavier is still determined to find out why April dumped him and goes off to find her. Meanwhile, Dex and April meet up to plan how they’re going to confess to Xavier. It’s a struggle to stay focused and before long, they’re pashing. Enter Xavier. He’s furious and tells them both to stay away from him. Dex and April resolve to stay together, as Xavier pours his heart out to Gina about the betrayal.

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