Roo reaches breaking point with Sid

Roo is struggling with the sudden transition from a fun new relationship to ending up as a housewife and surrogate mother. Roo decides to plan a romantic treat with Sid to put some spice back into their relationship. Sid is held up at work and has to cancel their date. Roo has had enough, packs her bags and leaves!

Meanwhile, Indi is still uncomfortable with Roo’s relationship with her father and the way he treated Marilyn. Indi is disapproving when she finds out that Romeo helped Roo organise a romantic evening for Roo and Sid. When Roo has to abandon the date, Romeo takes Indi on the date instead to make things up to her and she’s won round.

Xavier and Kelly know they want to be with each other – but how do they break the news to Gina? Kelly is insistent that they can’t deceive Gina but Xavier is dragging his heels over confessing. Kelly reassures Xavier that she’ll be fine if Gina asks her to move out. Xavier plucks up the courage to tell Gina. After some deliberation with John, Gina tells a grateful Xavier that Gina can stay as she seems to be a good influence on him.