Roo sets Summer Bay all of a Twitter

Roo suggests John gets on Twitter to publicise the Surf Carnival. He doesn’t grasp it and posts boring tweets. Roo tells him to spice things up to get more followers but Xavier knows he doesn’t have a clue. Xavier, Romeo and Casey steal John’s phone and post a controversial tweet about rival surf club Mangrove River. Roo is furious. The paper gets hold of it and Mangrove River threaten to boycott unless there’s an apology. John is livid with Xavier.

Casey and Xavier aren’t impressed with Dex’s new blog about Baby George. When Gina catches Dex falling asleep in class, she summons Sid and tells him Dex failed to hand in an assignment. Sid is seething but Gina explains it’s due to lack of sleep. Sid promises to fix things but Marilyn hears about the blog and is hurt. Dex apologises for hurting Marilyn but then Sid finds her smiling – George has finally settled for her.

Miles tries to talk to Leah but Elijah keeps turning up. Miles notes the closeness between Leah and Elijah and Leah confesses she doesn’t know what she wants. Miles wants to prove that it’s the right thing to do and Leah gives him a kiss.

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