Roo struggles to come to terms with the truth

Will Roo be able to cope with the shocking revelations?

Roo is trying to process the news that her mother, Martha, faked her own death over 35-years-ago. Alf explains when he found out the truth, he felt it was too late to come clean. Roo understands Alf’s difficult position and it seems that the pair are getting back on track. However, Roo asks Alf, would he have told her if he didn’t think he was dying? Alf pauses and Roo is livid. The pair argue over Alf’s decision and Alf says something to Roo that he will no doubt live to regret.

Leah discovers that Jasmine is still receiving threatening emails from her stalker David. Leah takes Jasmine to speak to Colby, who says he’ll amend the apprehended violence order (AVO) against David to ensure he can’t contact Jasmine by any means of communication. Jasmine agrees but she is worried it will make things worse. Could she be right?

Also, when Brody and Mason question Tori’s disappearance, Justin tries to cover. The problem is his story falls apart when he reveals that Ash broke up with Tori! Brody and Mason find out that Justin and Tori hid Robbo and Mason is hurt that he has been kept in the dark. Brody tries to be more understanding, but it seems that Mason won’t be so forgiving. Meanwhile, Colby corners Willow and asks if the Morgans know about their involvement with the River Boys. How long will Colby be able to keep his past a secret?