Roo supports Marilyn

Marilyn wanders around Summer Bay, feeling confused. She makes her way to Alf’s house and is distressed to see how different things are. Marilyn feels worse when Oscar walks down the stairs as she doesn’t recognise him. She then makes her way to the Surf Club, but is distressed when she doesn’t recognise anything and is taken back to hospital by Andy. John and Roo are waiting and Roo comforts her best friend. Afterwards, James tells them that they have a matter of weeks to jog Marilyn’s memory or she’ll lose it forever.

Tank has breakfast with Evelyn, Matt, Maddy and VJ. Things are going great until Josh walks in, but when Evelyn and Tank leave, Josh apologises. Afterwards, Tank takes Evelyn for a spin in his car and puts his foot down on the accelerator. When Evelyn asks him to stop, he pulls on the hand break causing the car to spin. At first Evelyn looks furious, but she pulls Tank in for a steamy kiss.