Roo tries to contact Harvey

Roo suddenly learns that Harvey believes he’s been dumped and has left home. She tries desperately to get hold of him but he won’t return her calls and she’s left wondering what to do next. Meanwhile, Harvey has spent the night in his car outside Mel’s house, waiting to see Lottie. Mel finds him and is surprisingly nice, inviting him in and offering for him to stay the night to wait for Lottie’s return from drama camp. As Roo continues to try to contact him, Harvey and Mel find themselves drawn together…

After being dumped by Liam, Indi quits her job at Angelo’s and tries to get back her old job with Leah. Later, Liam has a heart-to-heart with Leah and explains that he’d dumped Indi because he thought he’d never make her as happy as Romeo does. Fortunately, Indi overhears and begins to understand, agreeing that they should remain friends.

And Romeo is determined to enter the surf carnival, which means getting himself back into full training. Unfortunately, he pushes himself too far and damages his injured knee again. Sid’s opinion is that it needs several months rest but Romeo can’t wait and starts to starts to research steroids on the Internet.