Roo wakes up to a surprise!

Roo has a great time at Angelo’s launch party… and wakes up in bed with Miles! This causes no end of tension in the household and tempers start to fray. Morag continues in her role as the Bay’s agony aunt and warns Roo against returning to her old ways. Roo takes heed and starts to try and build some bridges.

Elijah is a mess. He has no idea how everything’s going to pan out. Should he stay with Grace? Or would that just be out of sympathy? He tries to comfort her and they end up sleeping together. When Elijah continues to spiral downward, it takes a wake-up call from Morag to get him going again. Leah is also confused and Elijah’s issues all come to a head, just at the wrong moment.

Nicole is struggling with the notion of giving away her baby. Things are made much worse when Roo chips in with her observations on the matter. Then, when Nicole speaks to Morag, her conflicting advice troubles Nicole even more. Roo eventually comes to set Nicole straight – but is she too late?

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