Roo’s back!

Roo Stewart returns to Summer Bay, after a very long time away. Alf is surprised and delighted to see her, but it soon becomes obvious that there is something that Roo isn’t telling him. As Alf takes Roo back through the Bay, Colleen reminds Roo of the girl she used to be, and it seems that she can’t shake off her past despite all the time that’s elapsed.

Bianca has been dreaming about Liam, and April tries to convince her sister that these dreams are a sure sign that she is making the wrong decision in marrying Vittorio. She clearly still has feelings for Liam. Bianca’s indecision about marrying Vittorio comes to a head and at the exact moment she goes to tell him she needs more time, Liam walks in with his new girlfriend, Nina.

Will has really been trying to get Lily settled into their new life in Summer Bay, but Lily is frustrated. She still can’t understand why Gypsy left them and why they have to start a new life when they had a perfectly good old life. Eventually Will sees no option but to tell Lily the truth. He gets Gypsy on the phone so Lily can talk to her and get the full story.

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