The British economy is on the brink of collapse and there’s panic in the City as rumours begin to circulate about the next troubled bank. Having identified the man behind the gossip is Alexis Meynell, a businessman famous for exploiting vulnerable economies, Ros is sent undercover as an employee at Meynell’s firm to find out exactly what he’s planning.

Lucas joins the investigation, playing the role of Ros’s fiancé. But, unbeknown to him, Asa Darlek, Meynell’s right-hand man, recognises him from his days in Russia. While Ros and Lucas attend a business function with Meynell, Ben searches Meynell’s office and finds the name of a Russian bank on his hard drive. Lucas goes to investigate further, leaving Ros to handle Meynell alone.

After the event, Ros joins Meynell in his hotel room for a nightcap, where Meynell convinces her he has a higher moral agenda. When Meynell learns from Asa that Ros works for MI5, Ros is forced to get Meynell back onside and, in a bid to prove she’s trustworthy, spends the night with him.

But can Ros use her relationship with Meynell to save the British economy from disaster?