Britain is on the verge of bankruptcy. The Government is unable to honour its national debt payments and Section D must retrieve more than a billion pounds of illegal earnings from the impenetrable DeWits bank.

For the past four months, Ryan Baisley, a DeWits employee, has been working as an MI5 asset, secretly recording account details. With the country close to economic collapse, MI5 orders Baisley to hand over the information – but Baisley has other plans.

A team of assassins breaks into Baisley’s safe house, leaving him alone and on the run for his life. Harry and his team have no idea where Baisley is and, to make matters worse, they discover he has attempted to do a deal with the DeWits bank manager, Irvin Perrot.

With time running out, Section D tracks Baisley down but the assassins aren’t far behind. As Ros catches up with him, she is caught in the crossfire of a shootout. Although Ros sees off the hit men, Baisley slips away – leaving Section D back at square one. Ros forces Perrot to reveal when his exchange with Baisley will take place. She knows the hit men will be lying in wait but she will stop at nothing to get to Baisley first.

Meanwhile, Ruth’s investigations into the power meeting at Basel pay off when she discovers something called ‘Nightingale’. The team must find out what – or who – Nightingale is…