Six months after their terrifying ordeal at the hands of the Red Backs, Adam is back on the Grid and leading the team on a major terrorist threat. A British soldier, Private Andy Sullivan, has been kidnapped by al-Qaeda and they are threatening to kill him unless all Remembrance Sunday services are cancelled.

There’s also a new Spook on the block in the form of Harry’s old protege, Lucas North, who is brought back into the fold after eight years languishing in a Russian prison. Harry is thrilled to have him back, but does Lucas have the necessary skills to rejoin MI5 at the top level? And, more importantly, whose side is he really on?

Arkady Kachimov, Harry’s opposite number at their Russian unit (FSB), reveals they have discovered the identity of the MI5 officer Harry posted to Russia on a secret mission – none other than Ros Myers. In the knowledge that the FSB are onto her, the prodigal daughter of Harry’s team begins her dangerous journey back to Britain.

Ros’s Russian intelligence reveals that al-Qaeda is planning to detonate a car bomb during a Remembrance Service. Can the team locate the car bomb and rescue Private Sullivan before it is too late? When Adam takes matters into his own hands, the team hold their breath as his race against the clock becomes a desperate fight for survival.